New Denon SC5000 will NOT scratch

Hello all I’ve just set up my new Denon SC5000 brand new out of the box (arrived this afternoon) I’ve updated the firmware and I am having a problem already. No matter what I do the player will NOT scratch - all it will do is speed up or down. I press and un-press the vinyl button and the problem remains regardless of it being lit up and engaged to on or off …

Any help?

Did you remove the protective foil of the platter?

If not. Do that and answer back.

If yes. Contact support.

No and I just did and now it works.


Really confused as to how that would effect it lol it was just a small clear strip of tape but least it works now.

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It’s a capacitive platter and it calibrates while booting the SC up.

Try operating a smartphone with gloves on! :sunglasses:

The screen foil on the SC however, “could” be left on. I still did not remove it after a year now and works perfectly.

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