New Denon DJ Prime 4 - Set Master Bpm

Prime 4 - Set Master Bpm. Type in any Bpm you want 120 etc. And lock it On/Off. The Bpm will never change once the Master Bpm is set in Prime 4 Utilities. To remove the Master Bpm just tap off in Set Master Bpm to off in utilities. This will keep the bpm from changing do to a track with a drifting tempo. Thank You. God Bless. DJ Maestro.

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than you have to double and half time the bpm off your whole collection … does that make any sence ? master bpm is only for dj´s who plays similar genres … But there is an on/off switch so i can switch it off, if I dont like that. Idea is cool … but dont know if there are so many djs they like your option.