Need to read over external drive

My collection has outgrew my local HD and it is not as secure as my NAS. With out being able to read the NAS this controller is useless. I can move stuff to my local drive but there is not enough room and it seems like if I need to move it to the nas or I move things around there is not quick way to remap where the files are. please make a mapped drive work or be able to read of the network for now I have no way to get music onto it so I may as well return the prime 4.

You can plug more than one drive into a prime 4 and that’s enough storage for anyone’s collection. No one has to leave any part of their collection at home

Someone needs to go through the forum and merge the duplicate, didn’t-search-first, topics. It’s a lot of housework but always worth it.

Hi @programmergeek, welcome to the forum.

With 3 posts talking about NAS support, please search for a similar feature request and give a like. I’m going to close this topic.

Relocation of files in Engine Prime is also an existing request.