[NEED MORE INFO] Waveform stops in middle of song

Very strange behavior when adding a mp3 to the collection. The wave form stops at the middle of the song. When playing back the song it loops multiple times the beginning of the song and doesn’t sound like the original. After transporting it to the Prime4, the waveform display stops in the middle of the song but it plays correctly even when it passes the middle of the song. Song works fine in mp3 player, serato, traktor.

Hi @tuppertrut, thanks for posting. We’d like to assist you in this matter, could you please provide us with this particular mp3 file that is showing this weird behavior on PRIME 4?

Looks like a partly damaged mp3 file. Maybe some bytes are lost, but the audio data could be reconstructed by the player. I have had the same issue, but deleted the mp3 and replaced it with a fresh downloaded, and then it works.

Hi @tuppertrut,

After multiple attempts, we have been unsuccessful in reproducing this behavior with you track.

If you run the track in Engine Prime and Re-Analyze, does the problem persist?