[NEED MORE INFO] Track not showing BPM

  • Beta Version: 1.4

  • Steps to Reproduce: Downloaded and analysed track Makossa Kunuaka (Stereo MCs remix).

  • Expected Result: Expect to show correct BPM

  • Actual Result: Bpm Showed as zero. Track downloaded again on second deck and displayed correctly.

  • Reproducibility: Only happened once.

  • Additional Notes: Track analysed as 0 BPM still played at correct speed and synced perfectly to same track playing on deck 2 with correct BPM.

  • Link to Video Repro:

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I’d love to have this feature all the time as an option in preferences… along with any disappeared moving waveform bugs people have reported. :slight_smile:

I will also say I’ve experienced this a few times recently and have a video to upload that shows it.

Loading the very first track of a session after powering on usually has the BPM at 0 until I move the pitch fader. If I load two tracks, the second one is fine. It’s always the first track for me.

I was about to open a defect when I saw this!

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Exactly what I’ve experienced.It’s usually just the 1st track of a session that does this with me.

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Hey folks, We’re having difficulty reproducing this issue here. If anyone has any more info - ie; if this seems to be related to certain tracks or track types, please add it here.

Will do @AIRVince

It’s a tricky one to nail down as it doesn’t always do it but when it does it’s always the first track loaded after powering on. I’ll check steps to reproduce.