[NEED MORE INFO] Total system frozen & music stops when doing a search

  • **Beta Version: Beta 4

  • **Steps to Reproduce: Intermittent - doesn’t always happen. 1) load a track onto deck 1 & 3, then switch either deck 2 / deck 4. Now do a search.

  • **Expected Result: Tracks keep playing as normally irrespective of the search function

  • **Actual Result: System becomes unresponsive to button presses / jog touch / volume adjustments eventually music stops playing.

  • **Reproducibility:**1 in 5 tries

  • Additional Notes: I plugged my phone in to charge in one of the back usb ports, about a min later, the unit said that the internal drive was not safely ejected. When I checked, my internal ssd was no longer available. A reboot sorted that problem out. The issue described above occurred after this.

  • Link to Video Repro:

I think you might have solved your own problem there.

You reckon that could have caused the problem? It was working fine for about 2hrs before this happened, phone was still plugged in coz I was using my phone as a hotspot for tidal.

I’ve noticed that most phones jump into rapid charge mode first when first plugged in, pulling 500ma to an amp away from anything else. I can get my home laptop external hard drive to “disappear” by plugging in a usb powered desk light, which probably pulls less current than a charging phone

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This makes a lot of sense. Thanks for your reply. :facepunch:

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Hi @crazycraig,

Could you confirm what type of phone you experienced this with?

At low battery levels, are you able to reproduce the behavior more frequently?

I’m using an iPhone 6S, but I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue since Saturday. No matter how many times I try, it seems stable now. Very strange as I was able to get it to happen 3 times on Saturday. I’ve got a little jbl go bluetooth speaker, if I plug that in to charge I notice the speaker starts to hiss quite loudly. So I’ve decided not to plug anything other memory sticks etc into the unit. I’d rather not take a chance & damage my new set of decks.

I just had a freeze trying to load from a search on the non-Ms. First such major issue in quite a while. 1.4 beta 2

VID_20191014_175503[1].mp4 (4.4 MB)

Rebooting the unit with the drives connected also seems an issue.

My logo.png also disappeared.

Craig - Did you mean Prime 4 beta instead of Beta 4? There’s only 2 public betas out so far…

I just had a freeze occur on non-M linked/networked unit during a seach. Entire unit froze up. Disconnecting network cable and reconnecting it seemed to reset something, though it took a minute or two for it to finally see the drive. The ethernet lights in the back were still working when it froze. The unit with the drive connected had no problems.