[NEED MORE INFO] Tidal Playlist Bug?

  • Beta Version:


  • Steps to Reproduce: Search for a playlist at Tidal greater than 50 tracks. Play this Playlist with continious mode. After 50 tracks, the playlist will restart from 1.

  • Expected Result: it should play track no. 51 and on

  • Actual Result: it plays 50th track as last one and then start again at track no.1

  • Reproducibility: 10/10

  • Additional Notes: should a playlist not be played from track 1 to it´s end ?

  • Link to Video Repro:

I think I noticed that also on the web version of Tidal before. When you have a playlist it loads only 50 tracks until you scroll down to the bottom. Then it loads another 50, repeatedly until the end is reached. When you press a shuffle play in Tidal web version it only shuffles the tracks loaded in the list

hmm … that makes it dificult to patch, if that is a tidal thing. Maybe we could load until e.o.d. (End of Data) and then buffer its playlist.

@addie and @DJDark - is this still happening? We haven’t been able to reproduce it here. If you can find it again, can you share the playlist that you found it with (if possible).

Bug is still there. After the playlist reaches the 50th track, it will restart at track 1, even if there are 20 other tracks after that.

You can check this out with an “audio book” …

I tried it with “Oma Martha & Ich” (Don´t laughth :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sweat_smile::laughing:)

But best, to test playlist mode … is an audio book with many tracks.

here the link to test: https://tidal.com/browse/album/90743399

I had never tested it on continuous on the Prime 4 with over 50 tracks before. I only knew from the desktop version of Tidal that it didn’t go quite right. I have just done a quick test with more than 50 jingles in a playlist and the next 50 are just loaded extra when the 50 is reached and playback continues on number 51.