[NEED MORE INFO] Tidal played songs

Has anyone noticed when using a playlist created in tidal the playlist is not showing songs that have already been played.

I did notice when I loaded a track and it’s played it shows green but but none of the other tracks what’s showing any indication that they have been already played is this going to be addressed just it’s going to be annoying if you’re doing a set and there’s no indication of what tracks have been already loaded

Tidal has multiple copies of most tracks online. It might be a different version of a track which is why it’s not been marked green. You can check and confirm this by holding the track title/name in library for info screen and check the number in filename. Also which firmware version you’re using?

I do not have the issue you mention. Shot a video below…


Can you be a bit more specific on which tracks you expected to have turned green? I think addie may be on to something here, but it’s better to make sure.

Sorry for the slow reply . What are referring to you when u make a playlist in serato dj Once you have played a track it get Highlighted Green This doesn’t seem to be happening with Tidal playlists thats pretty much it in a nutshell


I’ve just double checked with 1.4 Beta 2 on both a Prime 4 and SC5000 and was not able to reproduce the issue. Can you confirm the following:

  • That you are playing the tracks for longer than 30 seconds (Tracks only count as played after this amount of time).
  • That there is a drive connected. If no source is connected, this functionality is disabled (there’s a message saying so if you start tidal without a source).