[NEED MORE INFO] Some of my Music That Exists in Engine Prime is Not Showing on PRIME 4

Prime 4 isn’t showing all of my music, its there on prime engine but not seen on prime 4!

Is there a limit on amount of tracks in a single create?? This is a BIG problem :frowning:

Hi @andycollins, thanks for posting. Before we can look into this possible ‘bug’, we need some more information about your scenario.

-What type of external drive did you export your music into (Hard drive, Flash drive, SD Card)?

-If you have a different PRIME Series product (SC5000/SC5000M), are these drives showing music on that product?

-Any troubleshooting steps taken to resolve the issue on your behalf?

-Do you have a video of this instance occurring?

This, and any other information will help us in making sure your PRIME 4 is in proper working order.

I had a weird glitch on the SC5000 non-Ms at a venue a week ago where when I first plugged a 2TB Fat32 drive in, the linked unit didn’t show all the folders. I swapped the drive to the other unit and it cleared up. Strange. I don’t recall that happening on earlier firmware.

Hi @andycollins,

Sorry to hear of the difficulties. Can you provide a bit more detail? We’re happy to help but you did not use the Bug Report Template so there is little to no information to start our investigation.

How many tracks are in your crate?

Did you successfully pack the drive?

Was there any warnings about tracks missing during packing?

Can you provide a video showing the tracks in Engine Prime and then the same tracks (crate) on PRIME 4?

@andycollins please note this topic will be closed in 48 hours if the requested information is not provided. Thanks!

@JWiLL I have this same issue, and can give much more information. I understand I might need to start a new ticket, but thought this might be helpful to this report and myself.

I have a large music library that I moved to my internal SATA Drive 1 TB on the Prime 4 unit. I use a MacBook Pro with Engine Prime. When I “Get Info” about the internal drive the music library is the exact right size, and matches the size of the library as it was on the original drive. I did receive “errors” a couple times that not all songs were moved. This happened while packing all the tracks and moving from Engine Prime to the internal drive inside the Prime 4.

Here is the main weirdness I see. When I go inside Engine Prime, and see the drives to the right, I can select the Internal SSD Drive which I named Prime 4. When I open the Collection, and start searching through files inside of Engine Prime, and in this view - I seem to see all of the files.

However, when I go Standalone Mode, and start going from folder to folder, nearly every folder/crate is only showing part of the music that should be inside of it. For instance the crate should have 200 songs, but only shows 25 or so.

The strangest part is that all of the songs show when viewing the Internal SSD Drive in Engine Prime, and the Music Library seems to be taking up the correct amount of space for all of the files to be there. However, when in Standalone Mode I only see a small portion of the files. Once again, I did receive some errors about some tracks missing.

I would be happy to provide a video of the issue if needed.