[NEED MORE INFO] Playback issue Tidal track (no sound)

No sound on Tidal track, see videos.

  • Beta Version: Prime 1.4 beta 1

  • Steps to Reproduce:

What I did before is listed here, but I can’t recreate it with another song

  • Gear icon for Tidal settings
  • Change quality to HIFI
  • Load and play track
  • Gear icon for Tidal settings
  • Quality High 320
  • Load same track in 320
  • Expected Result: Audio output on playback

  • Actual Result: Playback is working visual, no audio. Audio gives short fragment when pressing beatjump

  • Link to Video Repro:

Hey Addie,

It’s hard to see what the song is. Do you remember which track you had the issue with?



How long is the track in minutes - or is it a complete set-mix ? if the track is too long, i have had also some audio issues.

Seems to be a loading problem, because I tested the track “UF - Remixed” - and it works without problems. No Audio Issues at my side.

I also have no issues anymore when I load the song up now, but it is something you don’t want to happen in a live set :slight_smile: