[NEED MORE INFO] 1.3.2 update BUGS

Macbook pro mac os latest version. Reproduces 10/10.

Today I install the new 1.3.2 version as an update from 1.3.1 and at the first opening it seemed to work fine, but one minute after… it is slow, the file selection (cmd+a) doesn’t work good, you can’t copy files from crates or playlists. One by one it works but not with multiple selections. You can’t analyze .wav files too

I tried to delete EP then install directly 1.3.2 But it is not better. I tried 1.3.1 then upgrade without opening… still not good. I install it on an imac and on another macbook (my saves) and it is the same on the 2 other computers with older mac osx.

I delete, reinstall 1.3.1 and all works well again, fast.

Install 1.3.2

Restart computer

Try it again

Hope you are not on Catalina

Nope it is Mojave. Thanks I’ll work on it tonight

I can select songs but I cannot copy them into crates or playlists. The file selection also is very slow

Please follow the guidelines. One bug post per topic and use the supplied template. Until that is done this topic will not be investigated. Thank you for your cooperation.

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