Need help with re-analyzing TIDAL tracks

I’ve recently discovered, that few tracks downloaded from TIDAL analyzed on P4 have misaligned waveforms with audio. People on forum say to just re-analyze the music in Engine Prime, yet no one said anything about TIDAL music, or at least I couldn’t find any info. Up to this point I just moved cues and grids to match the audio.

Does anyone else has this problem? Is there any way to align the waveforms and/or re-analyze music without deleting entire TIDAL data? (it’s the only option I’ve found on my own)

Downloaded? So you’re buying the music files from Tidal, not just paying a monthly fee for streaming?

If you’re only streaming, then you don’t have downloaded files from Tidal. Ergo you cannot analyse them in Engine Prime.

If you’re buying them, then just adjust the grids in Engine Prime, as you would any other music files.

If the bpm is correct , double or half time but grid is off, you can correct that on the players

If it’s a totally wrong BPM, no solution yet to that.

Just the the placement of the waveforms is broken, not BPM. And by “downloaded” I meant downloaded temporarily (should’ve used the word “streamed”). I just need to know if there’s any way to reanalyse one single track without deleting the entire TIDAL waveform database.

Move the grid. Job done

See that