Need help please……

Hello everyone, coming from Serato platform since “06” I find Engine a little difficult. But with something new there’s always uneasyness and different.

I have some questions that might be easy fixes or added on later. I love the Prime 4 but how do you add the year and date added to the screen? I have an extensive collection of music and to help find newer music, I always used date added or year. So is there a way to add these? Definitely never used key or album art.

On the Prime 4 Crate Display, press “Artist” … there you can choose how Prime sort your tracks. You can sort by Title, BPM, Artist (which is the default), Key, Rating, Length, Year, Date Added, Genre or Comment.

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Thank you sir, well that helped a lot but I just added all 200K+ after 5 days and they all have the same date.LOL date created would help now :joy:

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You could do something like this:

Use a mp3tagger program like mp3tag or similary. When you have a tag which is: “date created” you could copy this tag also to the comment tag. And then you can sort it in EP or EOS like that. Hope that help also … you can add as many tag to the comment as you want. I have also inserted the energy of the track in the comment. “E1-E9” or the record label … or type of music like “lounge” “highenergy” “slow” …

Think about some very good tags and do your system like you want.

Maybe some time we also get something like smart-playlists, where you could use this tags to automatically sort your tracks to playlists.

You can leave a like for smart playlists here:

the many likes we will generate - the more denon is willing to implement features like that.