Need Help ! Bad Sound

hey guys,

i hope you can help me … sometimes (but more often) i have a very bad sound when i’m streaming with OBS on twitch … iv’e tested so many things but i can fix the problem …

hear what i mean:

  • using the x1850 in broadcast mode
  • recording the stream with OBS
  • recording the audio from the stream in audacity also

hope you guys can help me to fix my problem, maybe i have some wrong settings like the sample-rate or something … i don’t know…

I don’t dare to go online anymore because of fear the sound is bad !

greetings from germany to the DENON FAMILY !

I think the computer cannot handle low latency with so many dropouts.

Try and increase the audio buffer value.

Moved to appropriate forum section btw

That’s processing dropouts. Increase latency or use the Asio plugin for obs.

the buffer size in the x1850 driver control panel right ? the buffer size is actually on 192 …

Increase and check if audio gets better.

will check on next stream … thanks guys !