NAMM 2018 Announcement - TimeCode View, TimeCode Sync & Timecode Live


NAMM 2018 Announcement:

Denon DJ have partnered with the renowned world-class stage/performance set design company BLCKBOOK to deliver an integration that combines Denon DJ’s Prime Series (the SC5000 media player and X1800 club mixer) and BLCKBOOK’s Timecode software.

The combination of Denon DJ’s StagelinQ protocol and Timecode software enables professional DJs, producers, lighting operators, and VJ’s to perfectly sync the DJ- Booth with their show, for an exciting, seamless performance that reaches a new level.

Available in 3 versions:

  • Timecode View

  • Timecode Sync

  • Timecode Live



Amazing! This is a great start to the StageLinq project.


When I first saw that, I was really looking forward to using Ableton link with my Maschine. That was until I saw that monthly cost.

Will there be another (free) way to use Ableton link? I don’t need all that lighting stuff…


It’s probably too soon to ask but as StageLinq is advertised for the MCX8000, there is only a mention of Prime.

I take it this also includes the MCX? I can see they would only concentrate on Prime in the promo video as its pro gear on a festival stage but would this also be available to our controller too?

It would be a good way of getting Ableton Link integration too.

I wonder how long someone creates a program that uses the Stagelinq port and converts it to Ableton Link without the rest of the extras like lighting etc. Nice and simple.


It might be worth dropping the Marq lighting links to StageLinq in here too Gee as it will keep things all nicely together in one thread.


Interesting video from a previous NAMM show highlighting the StageLinq protocol in action.

Having a small Ethernet to DMX dongle would be a great move. Actually moving in a SoundSwitch way would give mobile and small club DJs a fantastic head start in their shows.


looks like is happening LITERALLY in a SoundSwitch way