Nach Update lässt sich bis auf das Touchpad nichts mehr bedienen

Alles dunkel und es lässt sich nichts mehr bedienen. Kein Zugriff aufs Menü kein gar nix, was ist zu tun bitte?

Hello @Spoonyluv, Welcome to the forum.

Can You give us more details about what are You doing and what You want to achieve? More details will let us help You better.

Sure, well i updated the Prime 4 and after rebooting i cant access anything anymore. So i can control the touchpad but all the buttons on the panel itself are not working

Did You tried to reupload the sfotware? Did You tried to update via USB or directly from Computer? Can You start the device in Update mode?

I had the update on my usb stick and was also connecting my mac to the device not sure from which source the upload happened. cause i cant enter the menue with the view button i am not sure how to start it in update mode reuploading the software wasnt possible either

Press and hold EJECT and while holding it, switch ON the console. It should start in software update mode. While updating don’t do anything else with it. Leave out also all connections except USB that You are updating with - just in case. Best and mostly reliable I find is update from the computer via update software.

Same issue, i reuploaded the software via mac but after restarting the same happened

Update Now it seems to work again. After starting my Prime the left controller got updated and everything was accessible again. Hope case can be closed and no follow up ■■■■ ups are occuring