My x1800prime won't record

Hi everyone. I have a x1800 mixer and i want to record via USB. I can record only if I set a samplerate to 96kHz. There is sound at line 3/4 and 9/10. If I choose 48kHz or 44.1kHz sound in windows control is only at “multichanel”, indicator shows sound, but in audacity isn’t. Can anybody tells me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks a lot.

Probably your audio software and mixer are not set to the same sample rate. Read the manual, switch the mixer to 44khz and record. By default I think the mixer outputs the master/rec channel on usb 9/10 ch, you might want to set your recording software to capture it.

Thanks for answer. I already solved the problem. It’s have been my fault. I had bad settings for a soundcard… Thanks for reply.

Hi all, I am having issues recording from my X1800 into audacity. I have gone through the forum and followed all the steps, including allowing the microphone.

I managed to get it to record once and when I listened back it sounded really slow and I found that the sample rate on the X1800 was 48k and audacity was 44.1k so I amended audacity to record at 48k and now it won’t record again, giving me the error code 9999.

Having played around with it, it seems like I have to have the sample rate on the mixer at 44.1k for audacity to record.

Does anyone know if I can get it to work on 48k and are there any benefits of having it set at 48k or will I not notice it in the recording?

Mate, download Serato DJ and record straight thy t out of that. It’s just easier. Used to be nice dealing with Audacity, beater updates don’t play nice with the x1800

Thanks mate will do. Can you get free serato then?

Unfortunately the full Serato DJ pro is not free to use with the X1800 and 5000 combo.

You have to buy the standalone Serato Clubkit licence or Subscription.

It’s free with other hardware like the Prime 4, MCX8000 etc

Or you know, you can just install the free Rekordbox and record there. Select Denon ASIO (win) or Core Audio (mac) in audio setting and set recording of channel 9/10


Thanks, will give that a try! Shame we can record in the denon software!

Can you not records through it though I.e not use as a DVS? Tbh I’ve always owned Serato even though I don’t use it anymore, except for recording.

Recording is only accessible when you launch the full program. The offline one is just for library management

Although the idea with standalone, is that engine on a laptop is going to be nowhere near the standalone device (primes) during a performance, so giving engine prime recording options would be somewhat limited in its intended usage

Ah, apologies on that advice then!!

I’ve just downloaded rekordbox and that records fine :+1:t2: thanks for the suggestion! It’s crazy that I have to download a pioneer product to record from my denon mixer :joy:

You don’t. I use Audacity. It’s free and allows me to record, edit and encode in a single software while you will have to use another one.

It’s just that we are also kinda lazy to troubleshoot some stranger’s issue with not enough info and explain them the non-issue of recording in 44.1khz.

So we recommend stuff that will work because we know people here come for easy solutions and not knowledge.

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