My VL12 Prime can't turn on issue

Firstly, I’m not a DJ but I really like the features of my VL12 Prime. Supreme sound quality and put me at ease while listening to it.

I have mine for around 2 years and it went running flawlessly. But these past few months I encountered several times light flickering (LED and the ‘beacon’ light) and my turntable won’t turn on. At first i had to wait for around 10-20 minutes before my VL12 start properly. Unfortunately in the next day or a few hours later the problem occured again. I’ve encountered this repeatedly until last week my VL12 couldn’t turn on entirely. Just flickering for hours, I’ve tried to wait for a day / a night and it still flickered.

Please help, any aid would mean very much to me. Thank you in advance.

Hello @firmanks, Welcome to the forum.

Did You checked Your power cable? Did You checked on different power socket?

If all these things were checked, than it looks like the psu of Your turntable encountered a power condition that it could not handle. This means, that mostly it needs exchange.

Hi @NoiseRiser, thank you for your kind welcome.

Yes and yes. Next thing I’d like to try is exchanging the power cable and see how it goes. I have an urge to open my VL12 to see the wiring but I kinda skeptic cause as it turns out all the bolts for the cover are located under it. Also, I have no clue how to remove the tonearm and it’s base safely.

I have a VL12 that needs the tonearm replacing - has anyone tried to do it at all? I see that the removal of the top cover to access it - makes me a bit nervous.

To remove the tone arm, you would have to unscrew it from the inside. To get inside the turntable, You need to flip it upside-down. You can remove the platter, and then use some padding on the desk, so the tone arm would not touch anything.

But in general if You are not familiar with repairing electronics, I would suggest to give it to a professional electronics service or Official Denon Dj service.

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I would go with the info that others have said , about not trying it yourself.

When it’s done wrong, a tone arm change can stop the record from playing all the way across, but can slowly and silently wreck every record you play on it

Leave it to a professional

Thank you, this information clarifies my curiosity regarding the tonearm. I think I’ll try to get inside the turntable and see it briefly. Just checking if there is any loose wire or else, not the hard repair. I’ll keep an update when I’ve done it. Thank you all for your help

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I think you might have to take off the top plate too - there are screws underneath it that holds the tone arm assembly to the top of the deck. Someone has previously tried to remove the top plate on mine - its screwed down, but also glued down too, which has now come away from the rest of the deck. I’d superglue it back on the deck, but have concerns that it will cause damage if it has to come off to repair the tonearm.

There is nothing out there, relating to service manuals - such a shame.

Can you take pics of the disassembly? There is pretty much nothing on the Net about doing it. Am sure lots of us would be glad to see something.

I’ve also tried to remove the top frame. Unscrewed all those L Countersunk Bolts but there was nothing beneath it. I think the only obstacle to fully-removed the top frame is the glued down frame placed around the tonearm. I tried to remove the top frame but faced difficulty around the tonearm, just as you said as it turns out, it’s glued. Frankly I’m afraid I couldn’t bring it back as it was so I put it back again and rescrew all the bolts.

Sure, I’ll mention you later when I have the time to do the dissasmbly.

So the fact that it is glued tells me it is not supposed to come off, right?

Yep, I completely agree. There is nothing underneath the black-metal-thingy top frame based on my last effort.

Isn’t there a countersunk screw near the tonearm assembly?