My sc5000 stopped playing and started to restart

Hello friends A couple of hours ago, my sc5000 was stopped and reset in the middle of a playback. It was tray 2, after that. He continued without problems for about an hour. luckily I’m still running in white. Have you known similar cases? I suppose that my sandisk pendrive 2.0 of low quality could have something to do with this. It may also be that, for convenience, copy the serato playlist into the main engine. and some files were left with longer times and spaces of silence at the end.

You’ve mentioned a few things about your own music collection / usb stick that could be the problem, that only you can check.

Try check or change those things and see what happens

Unfortunately this can happen from time to time. I had my SC5000s resetting in the middle of sets without apparent reason. It happens rarely and I know of no way to reproduce the behavior. My guess would be some system instability in the firmware.

I think and I think that the firmware problems are not! If so, the sc5000 would always behave strangely. When using them with serato dj nothing happens! And I recorded extensive serato video sessions and it did not generate problems. Before restarting, I was using a Kingston 3.0 low reading flash drive with electronic music and nothing happened! Then I took it out of the front USB. letting run the theme that remained in the internal memory of the plate 2. Then I changed the pendrive for a sandisk 2.0. in my tray 1. I made the mix and reloaded a new song in tray 2! started the reproduction and halfway through the theme Stopped and restarted the sc5000. After that it did not happen again and it is worth noting that only the sandisk 2.0 playlist was copied from serato dj to engine prime. where and pointed out that several issues were more extensive in time! (extensive with added silence) To this day I only use the playlists as test files while I get my high-speed flash memories to load the libraries correctly. I’m doing tests to visualize possible errors before a live presentation. I always do this by rule and personal safety.

Let me stress that players resetting during shows is absolutely not ok and as far as I have experienced with my SC5000s has never happened. I had an overheating issue where one of my players was completely shutting down (but as Denon has been with my Prime setup they took care of me super fast!) but resetting is not normal and shouldn’t be happening. I can 100% tell you that none of the working Pros here would put up with that.

At no time did I mention that a restart is correct. The machine is not always defective or the firmware generates problems. We as users also make mistakes. I read that there are some flash drives that generate freezes or errors and I think that was exactly what happened in my case. I still have to investigate and know what is the correct configuration for me. For the same reason, I like to test the equipment well before using it. I did the same with pioneer cdj nxs when I bought them 7 years ago and I also had some blocking problems. After that, I never had any problems. A test month at least is the minimum for me before working hard with them. It is never good to hurry or trust. A manual says many things. A video also And at the end each user has a different experience. But before claiming, you must be 100% sure that the error comes from denon sc5000 and not from the user.

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Exactly! Good luck and hope everything turns out ok for you on the hardware side!

My sc5000 also reset when playing. I have 2 items and it depends on their humor. Sometimes they lose the entire imrpeze and sometimes one reboots every 2 minutes and I play a party from one player. I have no strength and patience with this equipment. Eternal stress

friend coretox

This is serious! A consecutive restart is a problem with the sc5000. hardware software Energy land And so on until you find the error! I hope Denon solves your problem!

I too have experinced today a problem like this! One of my SC5000 stopped to play in the middle of a set… It was only playing the first 2 BEAT after a CUE point… The track was running but non audio at all after those 2 BEAT… I had to reset it cycling the power and everything came back to life… This is NOT the first time I had problems like this one… I do not even know what to do!

Hi @DjCarlosCea,

Sorry to hear of this issue. The SC5000 should not reset itself in the middle of the set. The only time a player will power itself off is when it is about to overheat and needs to shut down in order to protect the internal components.

Was the player in direct sunlight or in a flight case that may have restricted airflow?

As a side note, I would suggest investing in a good quality USB 3.0 drive and also cleaning up your library a bit. Spaces at the end of track/file names can sometime elicit unexpected behavior in any application.

As you can see, I’m not alone with this problem. Resetting by song names? This is another point on the list to be corrected by denon. I also noticed a problem with the file analysis by the engine prime. If the song has Polish characters, ą ę ś ć ż , etc., it displays an error. I’m from Poland, I have a lot of Polish songs. So I have a problem because I have to correct song names so that the files will be analyzed and duplicated to the external disk.

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It won’t load certain tracks of mine with special characters, like an ö. If I change it to Royksopp without it, the track loads. This is definitely a defect/bug in the firmware that needs reporting. I haven’t experienced units restarting from it, though.

Gentlemen! I discovered a factory defect and I am convinced 99% that this is it. The problem of resetting. The sc5000 resets itself from vibration. Playing a party at a club where there is a lot of bass on the sc5000 could not be played. Put the players on the subwoofer and check if you are resetting. I at home just shook the player and reset. Test the player on the subwoofer on Saturday at the wedding.

Why would anyone in their right mind, set their gear ON a subwoofer?

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That was crazy! Could the subwoofer magnets generate interference on the sc5000 and deprogram it? Keep in mind that a hard drive near a magnet dies! I do not believe that the vibration is the consequence. But your theory is crazy. as long as another one does not circulate!

Interesting. I don’t think that’s occurring on mine, at least not restarting. I did this after the instance of one of their touch going nuts near what I thought was a lot of vibration, but clearly if they can handle the Labhorns, mine aren’t afflicted with such a problem. It was a good theory, though, but the touch calibration, static electricity, or grounding stuff seemed to be the culprit on mine. I’d be interested in seeing a video of you demonstrating the restart on vibration, though.

Crazy but the easiest way to check it out. You do not need to give the sc5000 directly to the subwoofer. It can stand on a solarium 2 - 3 meters away or, as in clubs, subwoofers are under the dja stage. Vibration goes to the table and then to the players.

It was my observation because the players both worked for 3 hours but the master in the mixer had completely reduced. (in home conditions) Then I took the sc5000 into my hands and I shook it and reset it. I carried out the test 3 times.

In any case, I will advertise the players anyway because it’s already nervous

And they completely rebooted when you shook them with a little solid state flash drive and the power cable firmly in?

That’s how he normally hung up and reset.