My new SC5000's & X1800!

I’ve received booth the SC5000 players and the X1800 mixer two days ago and all I could say is that these things are awesome! I have already used them at two events, the build quality is rock solid, the quality of the sound is perfect and the players are fast and responsive as expected, worked flawlessly with my huge music library even when using the link, I have still plenty of things to explore but first after 3 years of using the MCX8000 I should get used to the play and cue buttons being on the left :joy: . Looking forward to the future using these players!


NICE, I haven’t pulled the trigger yet on the X1800 as I still love my X1700 but I have 2xSC500s and they’re a blast to play on. Have fun!!!

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I loved mine when they arrived (early adopter) and I still do; I was on a DDJ before that, and whilst I loved that, these bad boys are so much fun, and infinitely better (to me) that the CDJs, which I’ve been unfortunate to need to use on more than a couple of occasions. Other than when I got my first 1210s, way back in 1994, nothing has given me as such pleasure as these do.

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