My new SC5000M cannot update to 1.2.2 and it's really annoying

I just got my Denon SC5000M & Matching 8000 mixer. I updated the mixer fine, but the SC5000M will not update at all. I have tried via USB stick (tried two and even formated them to FAT32 again) and SD card . What is interesting is that unlike your video i dont have the pop up that says would you like to update to 1.2.2 or 1.2.1 I was deciding between the pio’s and these, I took a chance but it looks like they just hang and I may need to get my money back if someone cant help me update! It’s really annoying guys.

What firmware is running on the Ms currently?

Did you try the laptop method to update as well?

Have you downloaded the firmware for the M? Don’t use the regular SC5000 firmware.

But really, I would bring them back; ASAP…

Edit: In another post you mentioned this. Is it resolved?

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Good point here

Thanks everyone! Yes it was sorted, and yes you were right. I was using the SC5000 not the SC5000M firmware.

It’s worth noting that the link for downloading on the site states SC5000 via usb (i.e. not the mac or windows options) but when you click it, its the correct SC5000M software.

Excellent bit of kit, very happy with it.

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I just talked to the web team and they fixed that issue. Thanks for pointing it out.

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