My MP3 (converted from MP4) not reconigzed

I converted my mp4 video to mp3 but Engine 1.5 say “file is not audio file” They are at 320kbps 44.1khz CBR.

Anyway around? A good converter that do the job?

I think Engine 1.5 throws that error when you also don’t have Quicktime installed on your win pc.

I tried with Quicktime… didn’t work. I now have Quicktime Alternative, that help me with my other MP3.

See it work with some MP3 but not the one I converted from MP4 of my Xendamix library.

I did converted my MP4 to MP3 with LameXP, it’s not recognized. Then from MP3 to AAC in Itunes. Engine do recognize those AAC. This is to long of a process and loose of quality in the run.

if you wanna be on safe side when converting from one lossy format to another go through aif or wav.

which means export your source (doesn’t matter what it is) to a wav or aif file that matches khz and bitdepth. then you can cleanly compress that aif or wav to whatever you want.

Since that route also gives you quality loss going from lossy to lossy, imho it’s not a necessary step. With a good converter (I use dBpoweramp, paid version, but there are others) you should be able to do the conversion directly. I’d gladly give it a try here, but I am not sure you can PM with a file attachment.

Let me know.

which is why i said “if you wanna be on the safe side”

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