My library keeps crashing 😞😣

This program needs to recognize when a file is corrupt and send a message to the user if they want to continue with action to keep the program from crashing this is crazy trying to rebuild crates over and over this is the second time my library crashed.

Hi, what is the version of Engine Prime, what type of computer is used: Mabook or Pc portable and what OS is installed, processor reference, number of ram, year of the laptop or macbook? It will allow us to help you!

I’m wondering should I uninstall engine prime out of my laptop and then reinstall it to fix the issues I’m having I got my library back in the controller but now it loads the songs real slow and I’m not even using a third of the hard drive


Scan your entire track with Serato, it will show you the broken/corrupt files.

You can try fixing them with mp3scan repair

Or delete them

Then rebuild your engine prime library

To rebuild the library you have to delete the Engine Folder that’s in MUSIC folder on your computer, if you use EXTERNAL drive as your collection drive you will see another ENGINE folder in the root.

People have also mentioned mishaps when using files with accents in the characters