My deck 1 is dead

I always read about faults on the Prime4 and I keep thanking God that my unit never gave those issuses as I obviously won’t be able to send it for any repairs or anything because “Getting my prime 4 shipped to Nigeria was alotta work had to have my sister bring it down from the UK as no one was shipping directly to Nigeria” Last night while playing, my deck 1 went silent (no sound from master or cueing in the headphones but the VU meters is showing) I really don’t know what to do, I’ve always recommended the Prime4 to other folks with pride but right now I’m heartbroken. Is there anything I can do? Please help

If the display on the jog is on regularly, then it is not the classic problem.

Have you tried to move the small switch that activates the crossfader, to the central position, so as to deactivate the audio passage on the crossfader?

The crossfader is fine. Deck 3 works just fine

Doubt this would help, but couldn’t hurt to check the front panel switch to see if the source is USB or LN1

Its dead Bro, Its dead silent. All setting’s are correct the deck is just mute. Its sad that after all these hours no one from Denon has jumped on this thread to make any suggestions

I don’t have a prime 4 but did you try a firmware update or downgrade?

How old is the unit itself?

Some one else on Denon FB page also has a dead channel 1. I’ve checked over and it seems he hasn’t found a solution yet. Try the firmware downgrade or upgrade if not on latest firmware.

@Reese @JWiLL please suggest something

They will suggest you send it in for a service.

So you are looking at courier from Lagos to the UK Repair centre. I will start pricing that out. I’d say it will cost a pretty penny.

Send an email to

Denon DJ Europe

Unit 3, Nexus Park Lysons Avenue Ash Vale Hampshire GU12 5QE United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1252 896 000

Or just get on the phone

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Can’t send it to the UK rn

Sorry to hear this, that really ■■■■■! I would suggest putting the unit into controller mode & testing it with a dj software to see whether the problem persists. Something like virtual dj, where you can see the on-screen faders move, when you open/close the fader could help narrow down the problem. The fact you don’t have audio in the headphones as well as no output from the channel fader, it might be an op-amp on that channel has failed. I really hope it’s something simple though. Let us know the outcome.

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So channel 1 miraculously came back to life somehow today after abandoning the unit for some days I hope this issue doesn’t come up ever again.

Yikes! I feel for you. That is not a unit I’d be willing to keep but understand your situation there.

Best of luck!

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I have no faith in electronic objects that repair themselves over time.

I’d suggest that you try switching between the input sources for deck 1, slowly, over and over again and see if you can get the problem to show up again.

If it does - then absolutely get it sent back to the country you ordered it from. That’ll be the only country that will recognise any sort of warranty.

Or, if you can narrow it down to a simple 3 way switch etc then just get a local electrics repair shop.

Many non-authorised repair shops are Loud-mouth cowboys, but should be able to swap a switch.

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Same problem. I have been waiting for a response from Denon support for MONTHS. Multiple email follow ups with no one actually responding to the issue, just shuffling it through their support system.

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