my 8000 is having some problems.

First when playing serato dj ver.1.9.2 with a 08 mac book pro os yosemite. 4 gigs and a 1 tb ssd drive, latest firmware. Since i bought this in dec its has froze up the screens. when using files in serato dj to use a external hard drive my screens on the denon wont show wave forms. another issue is i loaded 2 songs on serato both screens worked but with i hit play on deck 1 it sounded like it was trying to play both decks at the same time or it was trying to playing in reverse, (see video one). then I shut it off a rebooted it and it worked fine see video two

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Go through the steps to RMA it. It may come and go but I guarantee you this: one day, it’ll happen at the Worst time. The latest fw upgrade corrupted the display firmware and I suspect that’s what’s happened on yours. I won’t upgrade the firmware on its replacement (sorry to be that guy), I recommend you don’t either until the next revision that (hopefully) doesn’t brick things.

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Ty for getting back to so fast. i was a denon dj forums moderator here from 2002-2009 and was a tech specialist for the 5000’s. I really miss talking to silvio and seeing the denon crew from the original forums. im revising it back to factory today and hopefully denon addresses the display issues. It has already frozen during a xmas party but i was able to shut it down after a song and bring it bacjk up very quickly. I usually dont buy their new products until they get the bugs out but i decided on this because of the stand alone capability

I went thru the instructions to revert to factory however the controller doesn’t let me do it. its still at mcu 2065 display ver 85170. when i press ok in factory default it just goes back to settings…

I don’t think factory reset reverts the firmware back to earlier version it shipped with.

Correct, it just resets the settings.