Music Stuttering when Prime 4 loses wifi connection

  • Product: Prime 4

  • Beta Version: v1.4 Beta 2

  • Steps to Reproduce: Connect to Wifi and login to Tidal. Load local track from Internal SSD into deck and play. Disconnect Wifi source. (In my case Cell phone hotspot.)

  • Expected Result: Wifi Hotspot goes down and track plays as normal with no effect.

  • Actual Result: Track playing begins to stutter as the Prime 4 loses the connection to hotspot.

  • Reproducibility: First time ever restarting my phone while connected hotspot to Prime 4 and instantly noticed the music stuttering as the unit lost connection to the hotspot.

  • Additional Notes: This happens while no Tidal tracks are loaded into any decks. After about 15 to 20 seconds stuttering stops and track regains stability.

  • Link to Video Repro:

@jamesvanek This sounds very similar to the issue I reported immediately before yours in the forum. In my case wifi signal was weak and dropped out and I had the stuttering when I tried to reconnect wifi.

I check tidal randomly so I never think to associate that with any issues. But my network can get very congested. I wonder if it could be related to something I thought was in my head at first. Some times, while transitioning into another track it stutters ever so slightly toward the start of playback. I haven’t been able to figure out how to replicate it though so thinking about going back to official release. :frowning: