Music stocks with Virtual DJ

Dear All, I use a Lenovo Thinkpad Notebook with Virtual DJ 2020 and the MC4000. When the music plays, about all 30 seconds the music is stocking. It is minimal, but you hear itvery clear. It sounds like the system is under high load, but it isn`t. The CPU is at 1%. When I start Virtual DJ without the MC4000 the music plays fine. Can you help me?

Best regards Coolrunner

Welcome to here.

Because of the mc4000 not being a smart console, only a midi controller, any performance issues are going to be resolved by changing something like a setting in the laptop or VDJ.

I can only guess what you mean by stocking as it’s only a term I’ve heard for something I like pulling off girls legs :leg:. But I would guess you mean that after 30 seconds of the music playing ok, the music starts playing with stuttering or chopping noises or sounding like as underwater. The cpu loading figure can mislead, like VDJ wouldn’t want you to think it’s working your laptop too hard. I’ve seen video processor /editor packages give false cpu load readings. But knowing the rest of your laptop specifications would be good like RAM also what else might be running and you’ll need to optimise your laptop.

Did the same combination of that laptop, that VDJ version and that controller work well for months but recently has given this fault or has it never worked perfectly? Does this bad happen straight away or only when the laptop has been running for a while ?

It never worked, because the notebook is new. 16gb RAM an 7i CPU. So Performance is Not the problem.

Ok so you’ll need to optimise the laptop. Laptops come with a million tons of junk software, trials of anti-virus and system background cleaners and all sorts of Default factory driver issues.

The faster the Pc , the more junk software they seem to install on it.

I’m sure VDJ website will have several “how to optimise your pc” Run through those steps carefully. Also for a try, try setting the latency to its highest milliseconds setting like 512ms or 1024ms and see if that plays Without the bad sounds for a long time. If that plays ok then it’s your latency and optimisation which definitely need checking and changing

And try different USB ports on the laptop - some USB ports especially usb 3 have bad driver issues

Thanks for your response! Where I can Change the latency? To change the Asio driver to wasio(?) is this also an Option? I red it somewhere.