Music out of place in multiple clicks on hot cue with quantize 1 beat

  • Software or Firmware Version: 1.3.3

  • Steps to Reproduce:

  1. For two music playing
  2. Sync the beat on both songs
  3. Click on the hotcue several times

Sorry, for my English

Engine Prime isn’t DJ performing software for events. It’s not like serato or traktor

Engine Prime is just for using at home to prepare your crates, playlists, add some precise hot cues, name loops and cues

It’s not serato or traktor so doesn’t need to hold a beat after multi DJ tricks


This problem is not happening in the prime 4 software?

On the device? No.

It was tested ?

I think most of us have been slamming the cue buttons more than needed. Take a look at EthanLeo’s vids.

Do you have a Prime device?

The goal is to get one, but as there is this bug and some software improvements I’m afraid.

I have songs with two types of bpms can not do well the beat grid

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