Music isn't transferring to collections or SD and SSD disk. Please help

Hi, I’m pretty frustrated at the minute as i can’t get any music onto my SC6000M’s.

I have one main music folder on my Mac I import music to MiK Then import to Serato DJ Pro I then go to Engine Prime and update my Serato library I then right click and import Serato crates When my crates are in Engine Prime I go to device manager Try to drag over a crate onto my Sandisk Extreme SD card but I keep getting a circle with a line through it not allowing me to transfer my music.

I have formatted my SD card to MS-Dos Fat 32 and use partition MBR. I have no clue what i’m doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



That looks like you’re trying to drag a crate onto a playlist. Drag it to the ‘collection’ crate.

Hi PKtheDJ, thanks for your advice :call_me_hand: I tried that and it still didn’t show up on my SD card. I’m going to uninstall EP and start over and see what happens.

Try creating the playlist first, then highlight the tracks and drag them over

Thanks Yeltsin I’ve tried creating a playlist but it didn’t work either. Got to think of another way :thinking:

Stupid question, you haven’t got write protection switched on, have you? You know the little tab on the card holder?

Where are the original files stored, local disk or NAS ?

Hi Yeltsin, Thanks for your message. Yeah I thought of that as well, it was unlocked.

Hi Oddw0rld, thanks for your message. My music folder I kept on my computer. and I’ve now managed to get it working :pray: I still don’t know what was causing the problem. What I did was to factory reset my iMac and redownload engine prime and re add my music and start from scratch. Thankfully it’s all working as it should now. Drastic action but I got it sorted finally after two weeks of stressing.

Thanks ever so much for your advice guys. I really do appreciate it and I feel lucky there are people such as yourselves here to help and advice newbies like me :grinning:


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