Music/External Hard Drive

Hello! I was given a Western Digital 4tb external hard drive from my cousin. At the time i was unsure if i was going to buy a pc or a mac. So i decided on a MSI pc. He thought i was getting the Mac (as he has one) and formatted 3tb of music to mac on the ehd. How do i get this to work on my pc and format it to it, since it is already format to mac? Thanks Joey!

Are you seriously asking somebody to help you get 3tb of pirated music to work on your PC?

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Yes i have the music on a new exd that was format to mac. Now i want to transfer it to my pc with a new 4tb ehd!

I’am a member of promo only and beat port as well of many others!!! 25 years and recently made a big switch from turntables to cdjs and now the mcx8000

Going from a PC formatted drive to Mac is easy as the MAC will read both formats and write to a mac formatted drive, but the other way, I have no clue and would be interested in learning as well. Right now I update my PC drives and keep one as my master, so my mac formatted one are all just copies of the master.