Multiple versions of songs

Hi all. I’m looking for some suggestions on how to manage more than one copy of a song in my engine database. Now obviously in an ideal situation I wouldn’t have duplicates in the first place but I do end up with duplicates for a number of reasons. One is that I might get a couple of of different compilations that have the same song. Sometimes when I’m preparing songs for a gig I might add one copy from a particular album without realising that at another time I’d already added the same song from a different album. Also I often get CDs or digital copies of songs that replace early copies that weren’t such good quality (like vinyl transfers). I know I could simply pick the better quality copy and delete others. The problem with that is that often the one I delete might be in certain playlists or crates and I don’t want to remove it from them. Is there any good way I can simply replace a song in the database without actually saving another copy of the song over the top of it? Like basically take a song in Engine and tell it to use a copy of that song from another file location instead?

It would be a useful feature, but it’s not there for now. It is part of the required functions such as that to search for a missing track (colored red).

Probably the only solution is to overwrite the old track using the same file name and path, which is perhaps the method you already use.

Yeah that’s pretty much how I’m doing it but I was hoping there was a better way. I guess that’s feature request territory then. Something related that would be nice is the ability to select a song and check which crates, playlists it’s already in. I’m pretty sure Rekordbox can’t do that either but it would be a really handy feature for library management.