Multiple sort options

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? So far, there is a sorting function within crates / playlists. I would like to set several sort filters like for example

1st sorting => stars / rating 2nd sorting => year 2nd sorting => date added

  • How will this feature help you and others? it will be easier to find titles

MaxMad - Are you thinking of something (for instance) like: Sort by Artist (A-Z), then sort by Title (A-Z), so that you see each artist’s list of tracks in title order? Or do you want to FILTER by one thing and then add another filter so: Only show 5 star tracks, only show 5 star tracks of 120-122BPM, etc?

Filter might be cool too - but i think a filter is more difficult to build in.

I think it would be nice if you could sort things according to the rating and then the year, for example. So you can see all 5 stars rating in 2019, then in 2018 etc.

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A filter would be great…so you can filter tracks to 98 house at 126bpm. Makes it easier when building sets if you know where you want to go next key/bpm wise!

This sounds like it is more along the line of “smart playlist”, the good thing is you can make those in advance, they auto-populate with new tracks that match the criteria. Clearly the above is more handy for ad hoc moments.

Both sorting AND filtering in any given combination would be nice.