Multiple partitions on internal hard drive?

I’ve read for the Prime 4 there is no limit on internal hard drive size. However, it says it must use MBR partitioning, which limits a partition to 2 TB. If I install a 4 TB hard drive, with two 2 TB FAT32 partitions, will the Prime 4 see both of them? Or is the hard drive essentially limited to a single 2 TB partition? Thanks!

There’s no theoretical limit on capacity but there is a limit on size - the physical size.

Some of the higher capacity drives are too thick or too long to fit in the internal bay.

Internal is lovely but don’t forget you’ve got lots of external USB ports for external drives

Prudent to stay away from FAT32 due to the fact that your DB file will exceed the fat32 single file limit - 4GB

eg if you analyse all the music in your 2TB drive.

ExFat :ok_hand:t5:

MBR is the culprit here ladies and gents.

Thank you DJ_Didi, I had not considered physical size. Do you know if Prime 4 can see multiple partitions on a USB hard drive?

Rather than multiple partitions, I just use crates.

I’m not sure you’re going to fit anything larger sized than a 2TB drive in the internal slot