Multiple filters in search

When I go to the search funtion on my sc5000 and filter by compatible key, I would also like to filter by genre or bpm. Is it possible to use more then one filter at the time in the search section?


Whilst you cant currently “filter” search results which have already been filtered, you can already sort the search results by another criteria.

So a case of “Show me all the tracks which are in a compatible key, and put them all in ascending BPM order please”

This way, you can just scroll down to the appropriate, or reachable BPM tracks in the results list.

It’s a shame you cannot use more than one filter when searching it really is, it’s something Denon should work on in updates.

The trick is to prepare your lists and files for the set but yes using more than one filter with the search would definitely makes things easier for those who are lazy (like me) or like to mix on the fly …

A suggested tracks option in the software like on Rekordbox would be ideal.