Multiple column sorting in EP suggestion

Hi there! I am so excited with the v1.4 beta! The sync manager is very welcomed on my side, good job!

I just finished cherry picking, classifying in crates and setting a rating to all my music library and now I was preparing some playlist and I thought it would be very nice to add to the advanced filter box the Rating conlumn to the multiple column sorting functionality so we could for example easily pick from our Techno crate, the 5 star rated songs ordered by BPM.

  1. Post in the feature request thread using the format.

(You can still edit this one)

  1. I think you can already secondary sort in Engine Prime. Eg in a crate, sort by bpm as usual then pick a second column to sort by (not sure if it’s Cmd or Shift + click on the second colum )
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True! It works, thank you so much mate!

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