Multi drives search

I would be great if we could search on all connected devices maybe even on player not linked .

Just small suggestion

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Yeah that is a good feature. And even better with a Stream Service search at the same time.

And fix that you can see the bpm, key and time in the Folder section to in Prime 4 :heart:

Could you explain this part some more? I would understand you wanting to search all drives plugged into any linked players, but I’m not sure what or how you want to search on a not linked player

Things may get messy.

serato had this option.

Especially with cover versions that always find its way into streaming services.

I would like it like this: Search on other/all media command (USB2, USB1 deck1) when there are no search results on the search in current library. Basically a source selection after no results (or at the end of (wrong) results to perform the same search on another source.

This way you can search your active library and perform a deeper search action when needed when there are no results available on your active library. It would also be quicker to get the initial search results.

An advanced form of that I reckon

I wonder if this is possible.

It would be similar to searching in Windows in the explorer directory without a drive selected and it says “Search Computer”. Engine OS, after all. That would be useful. Right now, clearly, it only wants to see one drive at a time and can’t even remember searches if you go into a folder directly and back on the same drive, let alone if you go into a different drive still connected… This capability would also likely mean it’d be faster changing back and forth between drives if some of them don’t need to be ejected.

I think this being regardless of Link or direct connection and improving all this stuff would be next-level and finally rival what people are doing on a laptop.