Moving recording from prime 4 hardrive to pc

How do i move my recording from the internet HDD to my pc please? The HDD does not show in my PC explorer although my pendrives do!!

First of all it would have been wise to use a USB stick to record your performance, instead of the internal HD that also contains your collection, so you could have removed the USB stick and inserted it into your PC.

You have to re-boot Prime 4 in “PC” mode the same way you do when you have to transfer your tracks from Engine Prime (PC) to the Prime 4’s internal HD. At that point you can connect the blue USB cable to your PC and you “should” be able to see the HD inside the Prime 4 as if it were a remote unit of your PC.

My 2 pendrives that are plugged to my Prime 4 in are visible from the PC but not the 100 gig harddrive i have installed! I can choose that as the source when booting the prime 4 and it does show the recorded files on it, so it is working.

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