Moving Playlists from the Old original Engine to Prime


I have seen that the new Prime Engine is not compatible with the original Engine. But is there anyone out there have a work around? just trying my luck before I sell y SC3900’s for the SC5000m.


Export your playlists content to CSV files, convert the CSV files to M3U playlists, then import those playlist into Rekordbox. Then import Rekordbox library into Engine Prime.

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Canaris, excellent will give that a try. Thanks for your help.

Hi, I guess this may have been expected, I cannot fine a CSV to M3U converter to change the large CSV file. Does anyone know what will work please?

Thanks Again

You can try this: But the method I would personally recommend is to write the M3U file yourself. This would take some time and patience to accomplish but will allow you to control the syntax and verify the entries for any errors.

Ok thanks for the link and I will give it a go. Thanks again

Also, try exporting music to a USB drive using Engine Prime in MCX8000 compatibility mode and using it in a SC3900, see how well it works. It’s not officially supported but might work.

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I’ve had mixed results with this on my SC2900. First time, worked a treat. Second time didn’t work at all - read 2 out of about 100 files.

Ok will give it a try and will let you know the outcome. thanks

I do believe there are some audio formats supported by MCX8000 but not by SC2900/3900, you need to check.

Ok i have had a go and with no luck, so will try and painfully recreate the playlists lol and thanks again for your help.