Moving / Backing up/ Restoring backup of engine prime database

Fairly new to engine prime, I just have questions regarding backing up and then moving a prime database to another computer whilst retaining the saved hot cues and loops. What is the best way to go about this?

I have heard that the best way is to clone your internal computer drive but I was wondering is their not a more practical approach to doing this? Or can you move the engine library folder to another machine and simply relocate the audio files associated with the saved hot cutes and loops on the new machine like you can do with recordbox?

I do use apple’s time machine anyways so that’s basically a drive cloner anyway incase I accidentally corrupt something during this moving process.

Like I said I’m new to prime and with over 350 tracks that have 8 hot cues and loops, its obviously extremely time consuming so im looking to safeguard all of my prime data

Some searching goes a long way… the steps I’ve posted previously are in literally the top Google result.

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And the most pointless reply goes too…

  • Backup your Engine Prime library folder to another partition.
  • Move your music collection folders to the other computer, on a partition having the same letter assigned and keeping the same folder and files structure.
  • Open Engine Prime on the new computer, create a new, blank database, then close Engine Prime.
  • Copy the Engine Prime library backup folder and replace the newly created engine library folder on the new computer.
  • Restart Engine Prime.

This feature is not available on Engine Prime. Give the feature request a like.

Carbon copy cloner does incremental updating but you may still be stuck if the file paths change.

Have you considered just having your entire 350 tracks on an external SSD eg the Samsung T series, Sandisk portable ssd etc. You wont need to worry about changing laptops with that and the drive can also be plugged directly to the prime gear (you wont have to worry about exporting tracks)

I have mine that way. I dont have any music on my laptop.


@JonnyXDA answer to your question is common knowledge of forum users. You are supposed to search before you ask. Unfortunately it seems the newer generation has no respect for online etiquette. Your time is not more valuable then the time of your fellow forum users. Most people here are helping out on a voluntary basis, no one is being paid by DenonDJ, so please show some respect to the people you are asking for help and do your homework first.

Nope what I was asking was slightly different to to the answers on Google and I wanted more context. Also if I’m young generation then that presumably means your old, which is making me think did you get mixed up between this forum and Technics?

Yes, You are absolutely right. I’m 57 years old. But I’m sorry to let you know that I did not get mixed up between this forum and Technics, which of course I used extensively back in the day. Just because someone is old it does not mean he/she cannot learn anything new related to technology. I’m quite versed in both hardware and software having worked in IT for the last 30 years. But somehow, you missed my point entirely: if you expect people to have good will answering your questions, and there is always people willing to help, you should at least search before you ask. It’s not something that this forum requires, it’s something all forums expect you to do before you post. If you are new to forums, search forum etiquette.

Thanks mate but would this work with two different operating systems , windows to Mac? But thanks I found your answer useful.

It works just fine because the database structure is the same. When, for example, you export a database to a removable storage device, its structure is the same as the one on the computer. When you plug a removable storage device into computers running Engine Prime under Windows or Mac, the software should be able to read the database from the removable storage device and update it if necessary.