Move Or Copy Music Between Multiple Media Sources

Hey guys,

since you are able to move tracks around in crates and playlists, I wondered if it would be possible to move tracks from attached USB drives or SD cards to the internal HDD of the Prime 4 without the aid of a PC or Laptop?


I’ve read that it’s not possible at release. The request is dropped at the dev team and I guess it will be a possibility after software update. Don’t know how long it will take though


Hi @HawaiiWolf, thanks for your question! PRIME 4 does not have the ability to move tracks between media sources (Hard Drives, SD cards, USB sticks, etc.). Our Dev Team has heard word of this feature request, and they are looking into it after the official release of PRIME 4.


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In addition to this, have the Prime 4 password protect the drive to stop people taking the music off.

If I can guarantee the audio couldn’t be taken off the Prime 4 once its copied onto it (unless the HDD is swapped out) then I can convince my place of work to buy a bunch of them for their DJs.

The music goes onto the unit from the DJ agency and the DJ can’t take it off for himself.


great idea ! i would be very happy with that too !!! could invite anybody and say go ahead all the music is inside :slight_smile: without having it all stolen after his set.

Throwing in my two cents here. While I wouldn’t need exactly this, it would be cool if there was a mode that allowed the internal drive to simply backup everything that was on a particular drive (usb or sd). I.E. I play on a thumb drive mainly, switching between the Prime 4 setup and my SC5000 setup. It would be nice if that drive simply backed up the music, database and data (cuepoints, etc.) from the other drive…as strictly a backup copy that works when/if the database and drive become corrupt. This way I don’t have to do full backup copies every once in a while.

I would like to be able to delete off the USB stick. I find myself playing tracks and realizing I dont like them and would like to be able to delete from the stick because I forget as time goes on…

If implimented, only as an option and with owner lockout restrictions. Users on installed Prime gear should be able to go into utility/preferences and check to make sure this feature is turned off. NTFS-read-only support would also allow you to use drives that cannot be altered.

Yep, we put a new usb key with songs on it, and we want to copy these songs into the prime 4 ssd/hdd library


To have the ability to copy a track (between connected media sources) in the middle of a live mix and while in stand alone mode would give the DJ yet another tool to have while in stand alone mode. Avoiding the need to stop music playback to go into controller mode to do the transfer.

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Yes, the ability to copy songs from usb key into internal hd/ssd is THE feature we need to make the Prime4 a complete standalone. :slight_smile:

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This feature request would be very important

Please denon, develop this feature.

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If they improve this function it should be a good option

Very much looking forward to good feature! Then I can easily add new finds to SSD via USB!

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This would be the ultimate feature to add. No more needing to bring a laptop over to your gear. And also if people use a desktop they wouldn’t have to worry about moving the prime 4 closer to the desktop please add this ASAP

Also , if people are using a shared Prime four and have lots of space on the drive they bring in with them, they wouldn’t have to buy any music themselves too