Move music from one computer to another

Hello, I want to take the music that I already have organized with Engine Prime from a computer to a laptop. I have copied my music folder to another hard drive and I have copied the “Engine library” folder also on the new mac, in the same place as my computer (music / engine library). I turn on engine prime but it does not recognize anything. What I can do? Thanks

Depends on howthe paths are set in your library: probably your user hope directory or harddrive name is called in the path field, in stead of the shortest relative path… if you know some SQL you can fix it manually by editing m.db…

Is it really that difficult? I feel like this should be baked into the software. Isn’t it a simple redirect?

Yep, the whole forum is begging Denon for a relocate function, but it aint there. Hacking into SQL yourself, or paying for some other software to do it for you (ENJINN) is the only way right now… You can vote for the feature request :wink:

On the other hand, SQL is not that difficult, for a move operation like this I would go to Terminal:

cd /Engine/library/path
sqlite m.db
SELECT path FROM Track;

Now see what is going wrong. To which directory are your paths pointing, to which does it have to point, and now decide the perfect search and replace query for your situation… eg REPLACE(path,”…/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/johndoe/Music”,”…/“), and fill those strings in the query below:

UPDATE Track SET path = REPLACE(path,”searchstring”,”replacestring”);

And first make backups of your Engine Library folder, by copying it, compressing it, no matter what, but you can mess things up with SQL, and I take no responsibility :wink:

PS: you do mean that all your tracks are shown in red? For which the above is the solution. If Engine just shows a blank library, that means you havent copied your engine library folder to the right location,


Hello, first thanks for the explanation because it is very complete although too advanced for me. What is SQL? can you provide me with a link to enjinn? Thanks. Ps: I get the songs in red and the folders do not appear, etc …

SQL: structured query language. Its a language to get data from a database, in Denons case a SQLite database. Its really powerfull as you can see…

ENJINN: Openbase

ENJINN is now called tune-up and there’s a download link on the forum where you can make the one-off payment for it.

Or, if you want lots of functionality then there’s Rekordcloud (now called Lexicon) which has stems, smart playlists and lots more besides, including relocate, and has a monthly subscription rather than any large one-off cost of purchase.

It’s possible that denon might include a “move database” function into Engine Prime software, and it is indeed already a request that’s received some votes. However, Engine Prime is an on-going project and, like all good software, will probably never be finished; I would imagine they’d be adding functions to it forever. It’s no quick process either, some requests for features have got loads of votes and have been unfulfilled in the public version of Engine for over 3 years. So, if you “need” to move your database this year, you’ll probably need to look at Rekordcloud/Lexicon or Tune-up

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Or the DIY way I explained :wink:

Yes, the SQLite method is indeed another way of doing it.



Hello, after having analyzed a large part of my music on engine prime, I have realized that I could also have put my pen with its folders directly in the Prime Go and have carried out the analysis and cues there without having to organize it through the engine prime. Is there a way that all the music that I have already analyzed has to be re-analyzed and detected the first time without going through engine prime sync? Thanks

Only one-by-one as you load each track.

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I keep all my music files in a folder in the same drive as the “Engine” folder. In my case, that folder is named “Prime 4 Library”. You can name it whatever you like. Just never change it. Copy that folder with the Engine folder to any drive and it can be moved to any Smart Console or Engine Prime computer.

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It´s very interesting. You put all the music in a folder inside the Engine library folder that is created by default in macintosh / users / yourname / music / engine library / here your folder. It’s something like this?

Thats the theory: Denon uses relative paths, so as long as the relative path stays the same, it should work. But for example when you import from Traktor, Engine just copies the absolute Traktor path…

Not inside the Engine folder but alongside it in the same drive.

/ users / yourname / music / Engine Library

/ users / yourname / music / Prime 4 Library

Then if I need to move/copy everything I just copy those two folders to an external USB drive and/or another computer inside the “Music” folder of the computer. Engine Prime loads it perfectly and you have an exact copy of your music and database. This also works perfectly if you plug that drive directly into the Prime 4, Prime 2, etc.

That is true, so you’d have to copy the Traktor files to an exact same relative path onto the destination computer.

Yeah, but the path which is imported from Traktor involves …/…/…/…/Volumes/Macintosh HD/ and so on, so that will be very difficult…

ok and is it possible to move the directory that engine prime creates by default in / users / yourname / music / Engine Library and relocate it to an external hard drive?

Yes, you can put it on the root of an external drive and it will be recognized by Engine Prime. However I don’t believe you can use the sync manager features to export parts of this collection to a USB stick: you unplug the drive and use it directly on your players. Which makes backups a little more difficult.

Regarding tracks: they have to be in the same relative location to the Engine Library folder as before, with a few gotcha’s, like the Traktor thing…

I have copied the engine library folder and put it in the same place in the new macbook (music / engine library). I have connected the external hard drive where I have my music folder to the new macbook and engnie prime has recognized everything without problems. I have made a copy of my music folder on another hard drive that I have named the same (to have a backup of my music). I connect this second hard drive but engine prime does not recognize any songs. It can only recognize them if I do it with the original external hard drive. What I can do? Thanks