Move Engine Library and Music from Mac to Windows

Hi Community,

i have all my Music sorted and tagged with Engine Prime for now on an Macbook with Catalina and EP1.5.1 when i have a gig i export to an USB Stick, we speech of around 120GB Music in 40-50 Playlist stored completely on Macbook in User/Myname/Music

now i want to sell the Macbook and switch to a Windows Machine , how is your experience is there a workflow or function in EP to make this move really comfortable or should i do per Hand , what i have to copy and is windows then finding the files?

Thanks in Advance

I don’t want to be in your situation! :joy: :joy:

I would try to keep the audio tracks in the same path so that the Engine Prime DB will not notice the change. Then of course you will have to copy the DB from the Mac to the PC.

However considering the criticality of the Engine Prime DB, it will be very likely that something will go wrong and you will have to delete the DB and import the tracks one by one. Try and let us know. :crossed_fingers:

ok , when no one is here with experience in such transitions i will try at weekend and will report you how complicated it is , Afaik EP has no “search for missing files” batch function , this make it really hard

Exactly! :wink:

@Christiaan is this a job for RC?

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Thanks @mufasa!

Yep rekordcloud can help here. You can upload your library on your mac, then use Relocate Files to change the paths from the mac path to the new Windows path. Then on your Windows machine, you can download the library and you should be all good in Prime there. And if you need help with it, you can reach me on the rekordcloud website :slight_smile:

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Recordcloud is supporting EP?

Do you really think he would be giving people instructions if it didn’t? :man_shrugging:

i will try :call_me_hand: