Move database

Hello, I currently have my database on an external SSD hard drive. Now I want to move the database to another external hard disk. How do I proceed here?

greetings from Germany


Just copy the files from one to the other. I can’t think of any reason why that would not work.

Only reason i can see it not working is if the drive had a Drive letter assigned to it within Windows [presuming it is Windows] the new drive will assume the next logical drive letter in the chain.

I think it’s unlikely that the Engine Prime system cares about drive letters.

So it is a Mac Pro 2019 with the current OSX. Until now the media library was stored on an external USB hard disk. Now I built in an internal SSD. Which is also recognized as an external hard disk in the Mac Pro. Actually nothing should change. I moved all data from hard disk A to hard disk B. If I remove hard disk A, the data is simply gone. And the Engine Prime does not recognize the data on drive B (new).

I found the error. Apparently, the library must always be in the root directory of the hard drive…

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