More tracks on screen of SC5000M please

Hello all

Hopefully Denon are reading this… I posted this a whille ago and it’s still not been updated.

I’m used to see so many more tracks within my search parameters in Traktor. I want the same on my SC5000Ms.



This option is available on the SC6000 / SC6000M


@KDonaldson Do you know if this is possible in future updates for SC5000 / SC5000M? Would be very helpfull

I agree that there is too much space wasted in the library lists. The CDJ3000 shows how it can be done in a good way (yes, this unit has a bigger 9" screen, but previews each waveform as well, so leaving that away, we should get similar horizontal space, which could be used to display BPM and key next to each other). In the compact view list, leaving artist names away, you definetly could get more columns.

This already had been requested here, but had been closed because ‘not feasible’:

I would strongly request to reconsider this decission again. Only showing 6 tracks at once (which already the CDJ-2000 from 2009 could manage) on a standlone-player is not so great. The Prime 2 can even show only 5 tracks when the EFX section are activated. And if the concern is less accurate swiping due to smaller list columns, well, for what we have the push/select encoder and load buttons for!

As adressed in the other threads, the library tree area (on the left) is also wasting too much space. It should be hidden, when selecting an item, and only reappear, when pressing the back button.


@Venom_MA very wel said. I think it’s clear that we want more tracks in one view.

Personally I would be already happy with the 6000 function implemented in the 5000.

The think I really like: if you click on a folder you see all the tracks inside this folder. In pioneer style you only can see tracks if you select a playlist. (extra point for denon :grinning:)