More than one PC and only one sound card? Here's how to share!

I have two windows PC’s on my desk, as well as a Mac Mini. And I have my Macbook Pro for DJ-ing. I have two 24" screens. The sound on my main PC comes from my Yamaha AG03 webcasting mixer which doubles as a USB (attached and powered) soundcard.

Until now I have been using a 2x1 USB KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) Switch. This let’s me switch one (my main) screen and mouse/keyboard between two attached computers. The switch has an extra usb port that is intended to switch an USB printer with. Since I have wireless and/or network printers, I never gave that port any thought.

Lately I have been looking around for a new switch that a) supports 4 PC’s so I can hook all of my gear up (the MacBook through a docking station) and b) allows me to switch two (HDMI) screens, as I can now only use one screen on the other PC, as the second screen is still connected directly to my main PC.

During my search I ran into a great unit that will let me do all of the above.

I found myself rekindling the wish to also be able to switch my soundcard (otherwise you get that tinny screen speaker sound instead of my KRK Rokit 5’s - a total ■■■■■■). The new switch also has that extra USB port and that made me wonder, could I use that for this purpose?

I figured, since I have a switch sitting there with that extra USB port, it would be easy enough to test.

So I just moved the USB cable from my Yamaha from my main PC to the switch, switched PC’s and PRESTO!, sound from my second PC now coming through my KRK’s.

Now gonna order the new switch and have dual screen for all 4 pc/mac units as well as high-end audio from my Yamaha.

Hope this can be useful/helpful for others.

My 3 cents as usual.

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