More streaming services? Am I missing something?

After giving feedback on my opinion of the Prime 4 recently on a well known dj gear suppliers Facebook page, I was surprised to see individuals telling me how wrong I was about the lack of streaming services, and being tied solely to tidal! They were suggesting that they’ve been using Soundcloud amongst other things for months! Am I missing something?! I didnt think Denon had released ANY updates relating to this at all?

Many thanks S.

Tidal is all we have, more than a year after Denon first advertised streaming, showing four different providers.

There was a beta back in January for SoundCloud (no Tidal), which some people may have installed, but it’s not still been fully released.

They will all be losing their Beta testing statuses if they get tracked for breaching NDA terms, assuming that it has been in a beta at some point in the past.

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There was a Public Beta with Soundcloud Go.

But no official release of that yet.