More searching criteria e tag on the fly needed

After a week using my new sc5000 i’m very happy about the hardware but the software available on the deck has some big lack. Searching by tags, by comment, by rating, by years, by color (like Pioneer) and the tagging on the fly should be implemented very soon. These lacks are a notable limit in comparison to the possibilities offered by competitors such as Pioneer and all other Software available on the market. “Please DENON add as soon as possible an “advanced search and tag” function to give us the usability we need from this beautiful piece of hardware you made”.


These extra searches would be nice to added but not essential needed urgent as it have many search options and search filter there all ready .

The new search use where you can qwerty type of artist nom and part of song nom with just a sapcebar space between them to find song : brilliant !

A qwerty search is not exactly what I’d call brilliant. I fully agree with the OP, more search criteria are needed. Everyone has a different workflow and likes to search for his tracks differently. I for example really love the option to sort tracks by date added so I can quickly pull out all the new stuff I recently digged. Plus it would really be no big deal coding wise to implement such features!


I agree with the OP too, I tag my music mostly in the comment section. I think about getting a sc5000m, but it would be a dealbreaker for me if I can’t search my comments. As Pillola said, many Djs are used to all kinds of tags and they put in a lot of time building their personal system. Denon should give Djs every possibility that’s available, especially if it’s no big deal to do it. I hope they are working on it already.