[MORE INFO REQUIRED] Why does the EP have to reanalyze my entire collection?

I installed 1.4 Beta, operated a little with it, and closed it. When I returned to 1.3.3 the EP started to re-analyze my entire collection :grimacing: Why? :thinking: I just hope that all the work I did on this collection does not disappear (hot cue, loop cues, BPM’s) :smirk: And yes, I did a backup :grinning:

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Why return to 1.3.3 ? The bate coexists with 1.3.3. And no reanalysis in this case.

I jump from 1.3.3 to 1.4beta and back and no pb

Saving is a very good idea

Right now: All edited hot cues, loops cues and Bpm’s have disappeared, both in 1.4 Beta and 1.3.3. :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :flushed: :scream: beautiful service! :rage: I hope I can recover from the backUp

That’s normal. You use a beta version so you agree to take errors risks.

I use 1.4beta with no pbs, all my hotcues and grid are here. But I know that if I downgrade to 1.3 I may encounter problems.

You also can deselect auto-analyze

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Backward compatibility with previous Engine Prime versions has to be taken into account in any new release.

Please post unexpected beta behavior in the Engine Prime Defects and Issues section. Be sure to use the provided template and include as much detail as possible.

Doing so will help us identify and resolve issues more efficiently.

Thank you for your help!

[Moving to appropriate area]

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if you have two independent versions installed how are you downgrading? I think it is to avoid mistakes in EP 1.3.3. that the Beta version is independent, right?

Nope. because they use the same database

Ideally when you’re testing a beta version of Engine Prime, you will want to work with a backup version of your music database, so the one used by the stable Engine Prime version should remain intact.

Thanks for your feedback @tzvieira. I can’t recreate this behaviour, analysis state is retained when going back and forth between 1.3.3 & the 1.4.0 BETA. Backwards compatibility is essential and part of our QA testing, this issue hasn’t popped up for us in house.

With Engine Prime closed, can you go to the default ‘Engine Library’ folder (this will be in your computers default music folder) and take a screenshot of the contents and upload it here?

Here it is