[MORE INFO REQUIRED] Sync Issue Serato plylist/Crates

  • Beta Build Version: Public Beta 1.4 Beta 1

  • Computer OS & Build: Macbook Pro High sierra

  • Steps to Reproduce: Use Synchmanager for synching crates from the serato playlist

  • Expected Result: Synch all the choosen crates fra Serato playlist to usbdrive

  • Actual Result: Not synchin all

  • Reproducibility: Everytime

  • Other Relevant Configuration Info: I have 2 intenal Hdd in the macbook pro and have folders with music and MP4 on both disk

  • Link to Video Repro:

Hi @Dj_Roger_E - thank you for the report!

Is it possible to add a video showing your reproduction steps?

Has the ‘clubkillers’ crate in your local Engine Prime collection (not in your Serato library, this is important) been updated with the new content from the ‘clubkillers’ crate in your Serato library?

Can you eject your Engine Prime target device ‘kingston x’ and then check the crate in your local collection has all the correct tracks. If it does have all the correct tracks the sync should bring them across to the target device.

Before i tried the synchmanager i updated serato library in Engine Prime, and all i have in Serato are also in Engine Prime. But still they won´t synch.

Just for clarities sake, can you confirm you’ve imported your updated Serato crate to your Engine Prime collection as shown in this tutorial video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKq-PkOTJH0

I just checked those crates, and for some reason they were empty. Don´t know why this has happend. Erased them and rebult them, and now it is working. Thanx

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Thanks for letting me know. Glad you got this sorted.