[MORE INFO REQUIRED] Songs fail to load

Lots of songs that previously where fine now are not loading on the decks :sob: please help

  • Beta Build Version: 1.4

  • Computer OS & Build: macOS Catalina , iMac 2017

  • **Steps to Reproduce:**Songs sync via sync manager

  • Expected Result: Load every songs on the decks

  • Actual Result: Lots songs are not loading

  • Reproducibility:

  • Other Relevant Configuration Info: Prime 4 firmware 1.4.1

  • Link to Video Repro:

Mp3, AAC, Flac, Wave, AIFF audio file ???

Or streaming audio Tidal, SoundCloud, Apple Music ??

Imported from iTunes , and I’ve just noticed that lots of songs are missing from my crate

These are audio files that you bought on iTunes ??

Catalina is a disaster! why did you install this OSX, Apple blocked the possibility of leaving reviews on the AppStore so that there is no negative review. (It’s Yosemite new generation). Mojave is far superior!

Unfortunately I’ve bought a new iMac and it happen automatically… yes these are Files that I’ve bought on iTunes

Sorry to read about the issues you’re experiencing after moving over to a new computer @Gianki0_0

What steps did you follow to migrate your iTunes library to the computer? Are all your iTunes tracks playable (or at least the ones that don’t work on the Prime 4) within the iTunes application itself, and within Engine Prime?

Which public beta version of 1.4 (the desktop software) are you using, public beta 1 or 2?

Hi all my libraries are on the cloud so everything have been automatically downloaded on my HD. All my tracks are playable I’ve tried even with algoriddim Djay and everything is working fine…

I’m using engine prime 1.4.1

I’ve found a solution but is long and complicated… I’ve transferred all my music library into the prime4 HD and then create the crates manually, very longp rocedure because i got 6000 songs but in this way every song is playable.